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Equi-librium offers adults and children education in horseback riding, horse training, and management.  The facility has two large outdoor arenas and is set in picturesque Stoddard, NH.  The facility is operated and horses owned by Dorothy Crosby,  who is certified as an instructor by both Centered Riding Inc. (CR) and the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA).  Dorothy is now a Level III Centered Riding Instructor/Clinician.  With CHA, Dorothy is certified Level III for both English and jumping instruction, as well as Level II in Western riding.  A long time 4-H leader, Dorothy no longer hosts a particular 4-H Club, but is available as a screened volunteer leader to help any club as needed.  Dorothy has previously held a 4-H New England Judges card.  She has over 45 years of equine experience with over 20 years teaching students.

Equi-librium welcomes riders of all levels, abilities and disciplines!  Our well educated, experienced, sweet tempered herd love to participate in camps, workshops, clinics and of course, lessons!

Visitors are Always Welcome! Come visit and talk with us and learn for yourself how Centered Riding can benefit you and your equine companion.

A Nibble of Centered RidingĀ®

Centered Riding utilizes classical principles to create a mutually cooperative and interdependent relationship between horse and rider. By facilitating the way human and equine anatomy work together to best compliment one another, Centered Riding cultivates effective communication, balance, and confidence while eliminating tension and fear. Moving forward, horse and rider are able to achieve positive, relaxed riding.

Tidbit of the Season

The riding season has officially begun, along with black flies, deer flies, thunderstorms and horse activities all over the country.   Do take the time to evaluate yourself: create a little "checklist" that you can run through each time you mount so that you can determine how supple and loose you are and where the potential tight spots might be:  seatbones, knees, shoulders, other joints, then breathing, position, grounding......then you will be on a better position to evaluate your horse and see what's needed today:  is he relaxed, supple, stiff anywhere, happy, moving freely, easily doing maneuvers or exercises or with difficulty?  That assessment may help determine the type of ride you have: first, where (ring work or trail?) and then how successful that choice will be: can he do this today? or do we just need an easy, relaxing day? or will specific exercises help him so that we can move on to the original plan?  Sometimes it's important to take what your horse can give you today and meet him where he's at.  It doesnt mean giving up on the goals; it may mean revising them or being creative in how you can help him so he's better able to meet those goals.  It's been said that the hardest part about riding is getting out of the horse's way: it is, after all, our job to help him do his.  He or she needs to be prepared, physically and mentally able, and willing.  Remember: the horse you get on now will not be the same in an hour!   Happy Riding!
For more information on Centered Riding visit the official site of Centered Riding

For more information on the Certified Horsemanship Association visit CHA's webpage.

"You [Dorothy Crosby] are a natural teacher and you set high standards for yourself and others! Well Done!" ~CHA clinic instructor